Duraseal can repair everything from leaking basements, podium decks, balconies, car parks roofs, plant rooms, planter boxes, building facades, fire tanks, swimming pools, wine cellars or chimneys.

Duraseal is WA’s leading installer of insulated roof sheet membranes allowing residential and commercial buildings to better control internal heating and cooling.

Liquid membranes are most commonly used in applications under tiles or on podium decks where the detailing of a sheet membrane would make the process uneconomic.

With today’s technology we are able to build on contaminated sites which would not of been possible previously without major earthworks.

We have a range of membranes to choose from depending on the circumstances of each job. Factors such as the type of soil and where the water table is will dictate what membrane use.

Cracking in concrete walls and floors and tilt up panels is common. There are several methods to repair these cracks and one of the main ones we use is a two-part epoxy injection system.