Crack injection and crack repair

Cracking in concrete walls/floors and tilt up panels is common.  There are several methods to repair these cracks and one of the main ones we use is a two-part epoxy injection system.

Any loose material is removed before gluing the packers to the area running along the crack.  We then seal both sides of the crack and around the packers and let them cure. 

The two-part epoxy is then injected under pressure from the bottom to fully encapsulate the crack with resin.

As the packers have valves inbuilt we can shut of each one as the resin reaches the next packer.  This is continued right through to the top of the crack.

The epoxy is then left to set before the packers are removed and the wall is flushed back to its original surface ready to be painted.

The epoxy in these instances is generally twice as strong as the concrete it has repaired, restoring the substrate’s structural integrity.