When waterproofing is not applied or installed correctly, it invariably leads to ongoing problems. Duraseal can repair;

  • Leaking roofs
  • Leaking balconies
  • Leaking water features
  • failing membranes
  • leaking water structures
  • blind side waterproofing to sub ground basements

It is ten times more difficult to eliminate water issues after construction has been completed.  We offer a comprehensive service from the design through to the installation stage to ensure the membrane is the best for the job and it is installed correctly.


Main Roads switch room

MainRoads1Duraseal was called to repair a balcony which was leaking into one of Main Roads WA's switch rooms which control Perth's traffic light system. The job required the removal of paving and planter boxes and the installation of a new membrane before the paving was re-laid.







Observation City, Scarborough WA

ObservationCityThe roof at the high-rise, beachside hotel had been problematic for the past four years with various leaks. Duraseal was engaged to remove all of the failing membrane and grind the surface to provide a key for the new membrane.  As the plant areas had no fall to wastes Duraseal installed a screed to ensure the water ran the correct way. A sheet membrane was supplied and installed over the entire area and came with a 20-year guarantee.