Contaminated Site Remediation

Contamination on sites can be a major hindrance to development. Duraseal has a range of products  available to restore sites so construction can be a viable option. These products can be used at sites which were old rubbish dumps, where soil is contaminated, where there is heavy metal contamination, water contamination or gas migration.


Campbellfield, Melbourne

Cambpellfield1A gas vapour barrier was used to eliminate methane from rising within a 7500 sqm internal warehouse.  An external auditor was engaged to design the system to ensure the correct placement and flow rates of the methane so this could be extracted through the roof of the building.  Duraseal then installed the vent mats before placing and spraying out the floor area.  This created a gas barrier forcing the methane under the barrier and out into the upper atmosphere.  The entire area was then tested by pumping smoke under the barrier, lifting it up to one metre in places and ensuring all areas were gas tight.  A geo-fabric was then placed onto the barrier to protect it before the reinforcing and concrete was placed on top.

Duraseal has installed several gas barriers to date with great success.  Taking an otherwise marginal piece of real estate and turning it into a high-end redevelopment with multiple uses is very satisfying.   With technology advancement in the areas of methane catchment and conversion into usable power, this could be the way forward to provide either free power, or at least greatly reduced power bills.



Brunswick, Melbourne

Brunswick2Duraseal supplied and installed a gas vapour barrier to eliminate methane emanating from an old rubbish dump at the site.