Soundproof your world with the Duraseal Acoustic Mat.

Perfect for high rise apartments and office blocks, the Duraseal Acoustic Mat is will ensure that noise is kept to a minimum thanks to its special qualities which set it aside in the market place.

Made from polycarbonate products which will not crush, the Duraseal Acoustic mat is also water-resistant, lightweight and easier to install than other systems on the market.

The 5mm thick acoustic sheet is laid onto concrete or screed prior to the installation of tiles or timber flooring.

And one of its best features is that flooring can be installed within hours of laying the mat, saving days of lost time, and money, during construction.

There is also an option of using a pressure-sensitive glue that will not re-emulsify when cured. This is particularly applicable to wet areas. By using a pressure-sensitive glue, the mat can be walked on immediately after application.

The Duraseal Acoustic Mat works by dissipating sound as it passes through the mat, rather than deadening noise. Unlike rubber acoustic systems, it is lightweight and will not grow together and 'cup' as rubber mats do.

Acoustic tests have shown the mat meets all current BCA requirements.

On our larger jobs we recommend conducting a field impact isolation test. This is to the clients a conclusive test result. As the MPA and density of concrete varies from site to site the acoustic results may vary accordingly.

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